Dear  Friend,

"When night falls I look at the shining stars up in the sky and I feel that they are closer to me than the sea. My dream is to be at the sea…" Saeed Amira, a 15-year old Palestinian from the West Bank, wrote these words in a plea for the release of his father from prison. He used the image of the sea as a symbol of freedom.

Saeed`s dream of freedom as represented by the endless horizon of the sea, is the dream of all Palestinians living under occupation. It is this dream that motivated us to start Sea Days 13 years ago.

Every summer we bring groups of Palestinian children and their mothers to the beach for a fun-filled day.

Sea Days is volunteer-run project. Our volunteers work tirelessly to coordinate complex logistics and make the experience fun and meaningful for all participants.

The project also entails expenses for which we depend on you for support. These include bus transportation from the villages on the West Bank to Tel Aviv and back, a lifeguard and equipment for the sea, a warm lunch, and art supplies.

We had planned to bring 1400 Palestinian children in 24 groups to the Sea at a cost of $2050 each ($50 per participant) this year, similar to recent years. The participants for this season are already registered and the children are yearning to enjoy the sea and its wonders.

Unfortunately, we are behind schedule in our fundraising and still need to raise a substantial part of our budget. Please help make this special day happen for the many Palestinian children who have never seen the sea and eagerly await their day at the beach.

We hope that the children's t happiness will be as great a source of fulfillment for you as it is for us.


Women of the sea,

For donation: please click below the 'Donate'
or make a bank transfer as follow:
Bank Name: Bank Leumi
Bank Local Code: 10949
Account Name: Rachel Afek, Tzvia Shapira, Neemanut
Account Number: 18584146
IBAN: IL170109490000018584146

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